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Why re-upholster?

It’s no secret that when you choose to re-upholster with Berkshire Furniture Services Ltd, you save your furniture from your community landfill, but you also preserve something for future generations. The fact is, not all furniture made today is as well-crafted as furniture made 20 years ago, so by preserving an older piece, you’re saving a quality possession and family heirloom that‘ll be appreciated for many years to come.

Re-upholstering is faster too. Once we have received your fabric, our lead-time is typically 2 weeks, while new furniture can take up to 12 weeks.

When you re-upholster, you’re creating a one-of-a-kind piece that you won’t see in any other furniture store, – you select the fabric, design details and the finish (eg. wood stain or a particular colour). You can even choose to add accent cushions designed to your specification. A truly bespoke service – just tell us what you want and we can create it for you.

Whether it’s an office reception or student accommodation, your current furniture most likely ‘fits’ your space perfectly — it’s height, width and length. So why risk buying all-new pieces that might not fit as well, when you can completely update your look with re-upholstering?

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Berkshire Furniture Services is a sustainable and environmentally friendly furniture solutions provider.

By re-upholstering and wood re-polishing we can add years to the natural lifespan of furniture.
We strip your furniture back to the bare frame and can upcycle furniture from tired to beautiful.

Camira Rivet Fabric

We work with innovative and sustainable manufacturers using recycled fabrics. We now offer upholstery and re-upholstery in the elegant Camira Rivet fabric – made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and available in a range of beautiful colours to suit every need.

Rivet fabric is a lightly textured hopsack which emulates the swathe of suiting in a well-heeled synthetic. Made from 100% REPREVE®, a brand of recycled polyester made from used plastic bottles.
Every year, millions of plastic bottles are not recycled and end up in landfills that impact our environment. These bottles will sit there for hundreds of years, as they will not disintegrate.

However, if they are put in the recycle bin they can be recycled into something new. Plastic bottles labelled with the #1 on the bottom are the same chemistry make-up as polyester, which is called PET, or technically known as polyethylene terephthalate. After years of development, REPREVE fine-tuned a proprietary process that allows them to transform PET bottle flakes into REPREVE fibre, which is then used to make different fabrics, including the elegant Camira Rivet fabric.

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Charity recycling

Wherever possible, we re-use the metal and wooden components of furniture or if furniture is in good enough condition, we donate to local schools and charities.

We have recently helped in providing free fabrics to a local Girl Guides group for one of their projects and are currently donating a large number of desks and pedestals to a local charity for them to re-use.

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